Listen | ATM by J.Cole

Listen | Music For Your Mind “ATM” as in Addicted To Money By J.Cole   Life can bring much pain There are many ways to deal with this pain Choose wiselyWill I fall? Will I fly? Heal my soul Fulfill my high Cross my heart (Count, count, count, count it) And hope to die (Count, […]

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Jazz and Generative Music

  ” All of our musical experience is based on the the possibility of repetition, and of portability, so you can move music around to where you want to be, and scrutiny, because repetition allows scrutiny. You can go into something and hear it again and again. That’s really produced quite a different attitude to what is […]

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Listen | Music for Your Spirit Music is Medicine | Vibrations   The Antidote by Taylor McFerrin & Nai Palm     magic ***** FLOAT, TRUST, ENJOY Muhammad said no one looks back and regrets leaving this world. What’s regretted is how real we thought it was! How much we worried about phenomena and how little we considered what moves through […]

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